10 Free Math Multiplication Wheel Printable Worksheets

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If you’re looking for a fun and easy way for your kids to practice multiplication, try using math multiplication wheels! These printable worksheets are perfect for homeschooling families or anyone who wants to make learning math easier.

We have 10 different multiplication wheel worksheets for you to work with, so your kids can get plenty of practice with basic multiplication facts.

Our Math Wheel Multiplication worksheets can help your child to master basic math multiplication skills and times tables.

These free math wheel multiples worksheets are perfect for elementary schools or homeschoolers as well. The activities included here are designed to be used with children from kindergarten through grade 5. 

Our math times table worksheets also feature cute doodle starts in the margins to help make learning math a little less dull.

Math Multiplication Wheel Printable Worksheets

How do Math Multiplication Wheel worksheets work?

Multiplication wheels are a very common method of practicing multiplication. A math wheel is a tool used by teachers and homeschool parents to teach students basic math skills. They work by multiplying the number in the middle by the numbers around it, giving you the answer.

These tools allow children to practice their number sense while also reinforcing what they learn at school. They are especially useful for teaching young kids who struggle with learning numbers.

Multiply the number in the center of the wheel by each of the numbered wedges and write the answer in the blanks. Easy peasy, right?

This type of activity is a very visual way for students to practice multiplying and dividing numbers at the same time. The best part about using these worksheets is that you won’t need to spend hours teaching your kids all the basics.

If you are trying to work from home and homeschool, be sure to add these worksheets to your list of educational resources.

Why should you use math wheels with your children?

Times tables are essential math concepts that every student should master. It allows us to calculate any number we want without having to count each digit separately.

This skill helps our brains process information faster and it also makes learning easier. Multiplication is one of those crucial subjects which cannot be skipped even if parents don’t think their kid has enough time to study this subject properly.

In fact, many studies show that when it comes to understanding what’s going on behind these calculations, the younger the child is, the more likely he will become an expert later on.

Math Wheel Multiplication Worksheets PIN

The key to success in math lies in following the rules carefully and mastering them before moving onto harder ones.

Students who learn multiplication early on, tend to perform better throughout school because they understand basic mathematical principles like addition, subtraction, division, fractions, percentages, ratios, etc.

As a result, students can easily grasp how numbers relate to each other and use them effectively in real life situations.

Math multiplication wheels are a great way to give your students practice with basic multiplication facts, but you can also use them as an introduction to multiplication.

How do I get the free printable multiplication worksheets?

Our free download contains 10 worksheets for multiplication fact practice in PDF format. These printable worksheets are really helpful in increasing multiplication skills.

These 10 fill-in-the-blanks worksheets will help kids memorize x1 math facts through x20 facts. Filling in the times table wheels help build fluency in times tables recall and confidence.

Math Wheel Multiplication Worksheets Free Printable

Other ways to use Math Wheels

There are many ways that you could support teaching of multiplication tables at home. You could do this by using our quick and easy printable worksheets to practice multiplication tables, sing multiplication tables songs, and even play some fun educational online games on your computer or tablet.

Besides the regular old way just printing these out and using them once, try these other ideas!

  1. Project the multiplication math wheels on a whiteboard and allow kids to write their answers on the board.
  2. Print on card stock paper and laminate the sheets so you can use them over and over.
  3. Recreate the math wheel multiplication charts with chalk on the sidewalk or street and play a game like hop scotch where you can only proceed if you get the answer correct.

We hope that you enjoy these multiplication worksheets and find that they help your child learn their facts quickly and easily! If you are looking for more educational resources for kids, be sure to check out our school related and educational printables.

Do you have more free educational printables I can download for my child?

Yes, we do! We create free printable resources for children of all ages, from toddlers to teens. Some are educational and others are just plain for fun! We hope you enjoy our work.

You can see them all (for adults too!) in the Free Printables section of the blog.

Be sure to check back often as I try to add new printables and free worksheets weekly. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and get an email when I post new freebies, if you prefer 🙂

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